Saving People. Hunting Things.

The Family Business.

This is a work in progress page for the, as of yet, unnamed Seattle Supernatural campaign. The story will most likely not intersect directly with the canon of the show beyond large scale events or brief character cameos. No one will be playing Dean, Sam or any other character from the show. Just wanted to make that clear.

With any luck I’ll be upgrading to the “Ascendant” membership on this site so we can get a forum going and I can assign co-GMs.

Okay, so I’ve put up a “Sample Hunter” I made in the Characters section (mostly to establish a format, but he’ll probably become an NPC). Assuming you’ve all downloaded and read the sourcebook I want you to start thinking about and making Rookie hunters. Everything you need is in the book, feel free to message me on here or Facebook if you have any questions or need to run something by me (I’m Joshua Beckley on FB if you hadn’t figured that out by now).

I encourage you to talk to each other on here or Facebook to make others aware of what kind of character you’re making. While I’m very supportive of creativity and individuality, if we end up with four physical powerhouses running around, it’ll be tough for anyone to actually find where the pack of werewolves are so you guys can punch them to death.

Happy Hunting.

Unnamed Seattle Supernatural Project

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